Puppy Care

If your newest family member is a precious puppy, Greenway Pet Clinic has just the right wellness package to ensure a long and healthy life. At Greenway Pet Clinic, we are committed to the quality of your new pet’s life, from puppyhood to mature adulthood and into their senior years. To make it easier for you to manage your pet’s health, we’ve developed health care packages that focus on the wellness of your puppy through preventative veterinary care. We are pleased to offer these packages at the most affordable prices. Our goal is to help you ensure that your puppy enjoys a long and healthy life!

Our Puppy Plan Package includes:
-A Full Physical Exam at Every Vaccine Visit
-Two Intestinal Parasite/Fecal Exams
-A Series of Da2PPV Vaccines (and Leptosporosis vaccination when indicated)
-Heartworm / Intestinal Parasite Preventative Medications
-First Year Rabies Vaccine
-Home Again Microchip Placement and Enrollment for 1 Year
-25% off Spay or Neuter Surgery
*Payment for the program is on the first visit or may be split 50-50 between the first and second visits.
*Fees are non-refundable/non-transferable to other pets.
*Puppy program must be utilized within the FIRST 12 months of age.