Brushing Teeth: A Home Care Guide for Pet Owner

Brushing Teeth: A Home Care Guide for Pet Owner

The best time to brush a cat’s teeth is in the evening when both you and your pet are relaxed. If your cat growls, bites, scratches, or show any signs of aggression during the procedure, stop immediately and consult your veterinarian for professional advise. Remember cats can be more sensitive to new things, so take each step slowly and allow the cat to become familiar with what you are doing.


  • Gently position cat in the corner of a sofa or chair so that he will be secure and more easily handled. Carefully lift the cat’s lip to expose his teeth.

  • Slide a finger brush onto your index finger and put a small amount of toothpaste on the brush. Gently rub the brush over the cat’s teeth and gums. If necessary, repeat this process in the next brushing session. Because finger brushes don’t reach the gum line, they should be used for as short of a time as necessary.

  • Rub your finger over the cat’s teeth and gums for a minute or so. This will get the cat used to having something in his mouth. It might be necessary to do this a couple of days before going on to the next step.

  • When using a toothbrush use the smallest size available. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to a bristle brush. Place the brush bristles at a 45 degree angle to the gum line. Move the brush gently in circular pattern over the cat’s teeth. Start by brushing a few teeth. As the brushing sessions continue, slowly include more teeth. Teeth should also be brushed in a back and forth motion. Build up to about 30 seconds on each side of the cat’s mouth.

  • Put a small amount of toothpaste specially formulated for pets on your finger and allow the pet to taste it.

  • If the cat refuses to accept the toothbrush or finger brush, try using a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger with toothpaste on it.

Tips for Success:
• Brush your cat’s teeth at least 2 or 3 times per week.
• Concentrate on the outside of the teeth.
• Praise the cat frequently during the procedure.
• Good luck!

Dear Greenway Pet Clinic Clients:

The global spread of COVID-19 is a concern for everyone. I wanted to let you know that Greenway Pet Clinic has also taken some preventative measures to ensure everyone’s safety, clients and employees alike.

We are continuing to do curbside service only, with the exception of end of life appointments. We appreciate peoples understanding about not entering the clinic. It is for everyone’s safety to keep a distance and not be confined in a small space. We also ask that clients wear masks when interacting with the staff. We wear masks continually inside so we can provide care to your pets and not spread the virus between each other.

I ask that if you are sick, stay home and do not bring your pet in. Please find someone else to bring your pet in if he or she needs to be seen. I want to try to accommodate all our patients but won’t be able to do that if my staff and I get sick.

In addition to daily temperature checks upon starting a shift and wearing a mask, any staff member who starts to feel sick will be sent home and asked to go get tested. If they do have the Coronavirus, they will have to stay home a minimum of ten days or 24 hours past resolution of signs if longer than ten days.

I am not sure when this curbside protocol will end. Unfortunately, this pandemic is far from being under control. I am looking forward to the day when the infection rate is under control and we can again have some sense of normalcy.

Please be safe and take care, Carole Treat DVM