Our Staff

Walt Clark, Hospital Administrator

Walt is a native of Southern Arizona, growing up in the Sahuarita area. His original career was in diesel engine repair. He worked for Cummins Diesel for 17 years as a master mechanic and then as the Service Manager. A year after marrying Carole Treat DVM they decided to purchase Greenway Pet Kennels and form Greenway pet Clinic in 1995. Three years later, he left his position at Cummins and joined the staff at GPC as the Hospital Administrator. His duties include all accounting, payroll and bill paying aspects of running the practice, as well as fixing anything that breaks down in the clinic. His mechanical skillset has proven invaluable for the clinic and keeps everything running smoothly.

Amber McKnight-Office Manager

Amber is a Tucson native, she loves spending time with her children, gardening and loving on her animals. She has 5 dogs and 4 cats, a husband and 2 children.As a child she always loved being around animals and knew she wanted to work with animals when she grew up.She was known to bring home strays, her parents coming home to find they now had a new dog or cat. Growing up she also had mice, fish, rabbits and guinea pigs. A lover of all animals.Amber started working at a veterinary clinic, in the kennel,when she was 16 years oldin 1997. Her hard work, dedication, curiosity and intense interest in wanting to learn more,quickly moved her from the kennel into training as a technician. She worked there for 3 years, learning and growing as a very young veterinary technician,before moving into a position at another facility where she also worked as a veterinary technician. At that facility, after 5 years, shewas promoted into an administrative positionbut also continuing to work as a tech.After 8 years at that facility, Amber found Greenway Pet Clinic in 2008.At Greenway, Amber was hired as a receptionistand within a few short yearswas promoted as the lead receptionist. In 2015shewas asked to be the office manager.Amber loves the relationships and bonds she has made over the years with the clients their petsthat come to Greenway. She enjoys the constant learning environment veterinary medicine bringsand the exciting atmosphere,where it can be slow one minute, then busy and hectic the next.She loves being able to help people and animalsalike.

Danielle Barnewolt, Receptionist

Danielle is from Illinois and has recently relocated to Tucson for higher education. She has been in the veterinary field since 2013. Danielle has been passionate about animals since she was a child. She has 2 loving dogs at home. Danielle has volunteered at several animal shelters in the past alongside working in the field. She has always been interested in furthering her involvement and education in veterinary medicine. She previously worked at an animal ER while living in Illinois. She gained years of experience and knowledge from the clinic due to the vast differences in each animal and diagnosis. Danielle is specifically interested in big cats and yearns to help rehabilitate those in need. It is her life long goal to open a big cat sanctuary where she can help them live the life they deserve. While there are many years and obstacles to go, she is hopeful she will accomplish her dream of saving neglected and abandoned big cats.

Haley Langraf, Kennel Manager

Haley Landgraf is the manager of our boarding kennel and has worked at Greenway Pet Clinic fourteen years. She is always striving to make our kennels the best environment for our boarders and loves caring for the animals that come to us. When she’s not at work, she is home with her two kids, two cats, and one dog.

Alexandra Ramos, Kennel assistant

Michelle Robbins, Veterinary Assistant

Michelle was born and raised in Tucson. She started working with animals when she was 14 years old. She began volunteering at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and the Tucson Wild Life Center. She got her Vet Assistant Certificate in 2013. When she isn’t working she likes to spend her free time horseback riding, hiking with her pets and hanging out with friends. She has worked at greenway pet clinic for 3 years now.

Brittany Watson, Veterinary Assistant

Was born here in Tucson, but being part of a military family, has grown up mostly in Maryland. She received her Veterinary Assistant Certification in 2011 and moved back to Tucson later that year. Brittany had 7 years experiencewith emergency veterinary care before coming to the Greenway Pet Clinic family. Her hobbies include camping, hiking, and crafting.

Alex, Kennel Technician

Alex has worked as a Kennel Technician for 2 years now. She was born and raise din Arizona, and always was one to try to save all animals. In her free time she enjoys going hiking with her two chihuahuas. Alex aspires to be a pet nutritionist in the future.

Lily Wakeham, Veterinary Assistant

Lily has lived in Tucson for 17 years and loves spending time outdoors in the charming desert. Since a young child, Lily has always had a strong love and deep concern for animals. This led to her professional career as a veterinary technician.

While studying as a student, Lily worked in vet clinics, has volunteered at shelters, and offered pet sitting. Lily graduated from the University of Arizona with an Equine Animal Science Degree in 2013.

That same year she moved to Denver and worked at Denver Equestrian’s Riding School. She worked full time teaching private and group equestrian youth lessons and camps. A year later, she returned to Tucson to be closer to family and accepted an opportunity to work in a mixed animal veterinary practice. She worked with household pets and an array of livestock animals from horses, cows, potbellied pigs, and goats! Lily is very happy to be a part of Greenway Pet Clinic, which is also close to her home. She spends a lot of her time caring for her menagerie of animals!

Lily has an affectionate and energetic Queensland Blue Heeler named Roxie. She has two outgoing cats named Cali and Lady Newton. She has her horse; Bella stabled on the property where she lives. Bella is a 16-year-old Thoroughbred mare who enjoys being ridden on the trails. Lily looks forward to one day owning horse property and continues to love and care for the many animals in her life.

Kelly Paine, Veterinary Assistant

Kelly is an Illinois native that moved to Arizona in July of 2011. Before relocating to Tucson for college, she received her veterinary assistant certification in 2015. Kelly has worked as a receptionist and kennel attendant before taking on a role as an assistant. She has worked in both specialty and emergency hospitals as well as volunteered at multiple animal shelters before joining the Greenway team. When Kelly is not at work she enjoys hiking, camping, and four-wheeling as well as spending time at home with her shelter rescue Finn.

Emily Fruge, Kennel Assistant

Emily Fruge is a kennel technician at our boarding facility. She loves coming into work and making sure the animals that come in are happy and as comfortable as possible. Outside of work she goes to school for her veterinary assistant certificate. Emily also has a miniature dachshund and a black cat at home that she rescued.

Levi the cat

Levi (AKA Leviticus), is our resident clinic cat. He is 9 years old and came to us when he was just a year old. Levi loves to chew on anything plastic, which landed him an outside cat at his previous owner’s because he kept chewing his owner’s insulin pump line at night. Once outside, he was likely hit by a car and came to us with a broken leg. We repaired his fractured right front leg, and he became a resident at the clinic from that point on, as outside life was not for him. Most time you willfind him sleeping on the copy machine, or his cat tree by the doctor’s desk. When the mood strikes him, he will often wander into exam rooms during appointments.